OK. Here we go again.  Today I am worrying about the weather and how my son, William, might be handling it at his special needs camp.  I hope they call me with an update tomorrow, like they promised.  He doesn’t handle heat very well, and he’s very overweight, so this excessive heat will be tough for him.  The cabins are not air conditioned.

Also thinking about Dana’s brother who now is planning on coming to spend time with us during our vacation.  Not a welcome thing.  He’s nice enough, but we just wanted some time alone! Dangit.

Finally, worrying about Marty’s online class and why they are not letting him in to begin the coursework.  Probably a glitch in the computer program, but I’m not getting any response from my inquiries.  He really needs to get started with this class!

Too many worries.




I’m starting out with this blogging thing.  I need to be vigilant and now I am being told that I am too vigilant–code word for “anxious and controlling”–and that it is a problem.  I am holding down the fort with two children who are atypical.  One, William, has fetal alcohol syndrome, and the other one, Marty, seems to have some learning difficulty and definitely has mental health issues.  My partner, Dana, is of little to no use for the day-to-day needs and worries.  She “brings home the bacon” as she likes to say, and “does the boy things,” but she leaves all of the details to me.  Then I seem to be blamed for focusing on all of the details!  It is aggravating.

That’s all for right now.  I’ll keep this up and see how it goes.

Vigilant Mom  Image